Afkary App Electronic Retail Company aims to satisfy its customers at every step and process and therefore the following policy provides you with a clear-cut vision of when to return and exchange a product if we haven’t made you fully happy.

Note: to initiate a return, exchange, or refund request you need to email us on attaching your original invoice, detailed reason for request and we will be in touch with you swiftly to help.

  1. We are eco-friendly and therefore all your receipts/invoices are electronic and all the information you will need as a customer is electronic.
  2. If you were unsatisfied with a purchase and would like a return, refund or exchange the following conditions apply and must be met as per noted to qualify for a return or exchange.
  3. Afkary App Electronic Retail Company will gladly return or exchange a product your purchases with 7 working days from the date of delivery.
  4. A variety of our products are bespoke one off highly limited edition pieces and these are made with natural fair trade materials in the Kingdom of Bahrain and are not eligible for a Refund or Exchange only a return under the conditions below.

Under NO circumstances will we honor the return and exchange policy if the points below have not been met:Goods must not be custom made or preordered.

  • Goods must be in working condition
  • Goods must be unscratched and undamaged and dry.
  • Goods must be not opened or repacked in the original packaging
  • Goods must not be used.
  • Original invoice/receipt must be present with stamp and the correct invoice and product code
  • The product can only be returned or exchanged if it is in its original condition.
  • The product can only be returned or exchanged if it is not custom made, pre-ordered, limited edition or on sale.
  1. We will not refund you as per the product categories below but we have a better offer for you if you are unhappy with a purchase of a product type that is not eligible for a refund we will easily exchange your product with either a similar product or a better one with the same monetary value paid.
  2. Delivery, installation and services charges are not refundable once they are preformed.
  3. Because we are focused on quality and making each product with the focus on the environment and pure manufacturing excellence ‘Made to order’ MTO products. 
  4. Items that are not made to order, on sale, limited edition or are not customized are eligible for a refund subject to the conditions listed above.
  5. Items that are eligible for a refund (that are not made to order, on sale, limited edition or are not customized are) bought via credit card and other online payment methods are only refundable via transfer only to your credit card account.
  6. Note: eco-friendly, organic, fair trade, natural wood and metal home décor and furniture come with natural imperfections that showcase its authenticity these are not flaws they are naturally occurring marks of the natural materials used to create the product.
  7. Note: Afkary Electronic Retail company has the right to investigate issues in orders and therefore should you our dear customer wish to return and exchange a product and refund under the conditions above we will refund, return and exchange only after the investigation/technical report is done by our logistics team to provide you with the best solutions.
  8. Note: check the quality when you receive the product and then pay if you are happy if you have purchased via cash on delivery.
  9. Note: After receiving the goods via delivery, if you didn’t like the product please return it immediately with the receipt and packaging intact and pay the delivery charge to reserve the hard earned right of the delivery team.
  10. Products purchased via sale, coupon offers are not refundable, exchangeable or returnable.
  11. If the returned, exchanged product has slight scratch, damage, soiling Afkary Electronic Retail Company will take a restocking fee of 15% of the payable final amount, which will be deducted while making exchange or return.

Afkary Electronic Retail reserves the right to deduct BHD 10 as a shipping charge for return and exchange pickup, in case of a refund the delivery charge paid for the initial delivery will be paid according to the details in the shipping policy and the remaining amount will be refunded to you provided you follow the requirements listed above. Look at the Shipping policy to see the details.

Company policy notice: Once the order is received, if the customer has not liked the product, please return it to the delivery team immediately, if not we will minus 20% from the payable amount due and the remaining balance amount will be given to the customer in the same minute to avoid disruption and inconvenience. Please view our Shipping policy to gain an insight on how to order and receive and process your order and what to expect from us.

Please read our Privacy policy to fully gain an educated insight about us and how we run our business.